In Which I Tease You with a Blurb...

I've contracted with my lovely publisher, Red Adept, to publish the continuing saga of Solina Mundy. The second book is tentatively titled Burning Cold, but that could change after editing.

A lot of things could change after editing because that's how editing works, however, the blurb I wrote for Burning Cold to give to my publisher is probably general enough that it should still be applicable, even after editing.

BUT! The blurb is not so general that it doesn't contain spoilers. IF you haven't read Midnight Burning, yet, then I don't advise reading this blurb for Burning Cold.

If you have read Midnight Burning and want a little taste of what's to come next, click HERE.

I hope I'll be able to continue to update readers with teasers and tidbits as we work towards Burning Cold's publication, scheduled for sometime in later summer or early fall of 2016