I hear a lot of authors say their publishers don't really involve them  in the book cover design, so I was prepared to be happy with whatever my publisher presented to me. But no. I was wrong. The team at Red Adept Publishing actually asked for a lot of my input on the cover, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results.

Primarily, this is an urban fantasy novel with a strong female lead. But in my mind I wanted it to say all of that without putting the somewhat obligatory leather-clad-woman-in-awkward-pose-while-brandishing-a-weapon type image. It's not that kind of book, really. I love the hint of mystery and magic on the cover because that is what this book is about. The fire against the midnight sky pay homage to the main character and her twin brother. The snowy mountains at the bottom to draw you into the setting--It's all just so perfect.

Again I tip my hat at the Red Adept publicity team and the folks at Streetlight Graphics for putting this together. Thank you, thank you!