Moonlight Falling FREE through 8/23/17

From now until the release of Molten Dusk on Wednesday, you can grab a FREE E-COPY of Moonlight Falling (a prequel novella) on Amazon.

A happy ending depends on where the story stops. Moonlight Falling is not the end--it's where the story begins...

**Moonlight Falling is a prequel novella to Midnight Burning; Book One of The Norse Chronicles.**

Before he moved to Alaska, Chapman "Mani" Mundy promised his twin sister he would find out why shadows seemed to follow him and why ice sometimes formed in his footsteps. For nearly three years, he has failed to keep that promise, but a budding romance with co-worker, Skyla Ramirez, inspires him to renew his investigation.

If Mani has any hope for a real relationship with Skyla, there can be no secrets or mysteries between them, but as he hunts for the source of his peculiar abilities, sinister adversaries with dangerous motives will emerge from the shadows to conspire against him.

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