2018 Updates

2018 is going to be a bit slower and quieter than last year, I think, but here are some things I'm looking forward to:

Red Adept will be releasing and omnibus edition of The Norse Chronicles, probably some time in March, though that date isn't formally set yet. All three books in the series will be available in one combined volume.

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I just turned in a short story retelling of the TamLin legend for a fairtyale anthology coming this spring from Snowy Wings Publishing. I can't wait to share the original artwork that's being developed for my story "The Forest of Carterhaugh" about two teens facing a powerful nemesis in a Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game.

I'm working on finishing CROWN OF THUNDER, the third and final book in the Stormbourne Chronicles. I hope that will be published near the end of 2018.

I've also finished a manuscript for a paranormal romance novel tentatively titled "Touch of Smoke," and now I've got to figure out what to do with it but there aren't any immediate plans. Once I've found a home for it, I'll be quick to let y'all know.