Coming Soon! Crown of Thunder (Stormbourne Chronicles; Book 3)

Coming December 3, 2018

The Conclusion to the Epic YA Fantasy trilogy:

Lightning, espionage, and magic. Inselgrau's fate lies in the hands of a thunder goddess with a heart of iron, an exiled spy, and a Magician haunted by chronic pain.

 Under the tutelage of the Fantazikes, Evelyn Stormbourne’s dominion over the skies has become formidable. When she receives word from her spymaster that an old and powerful enemy has taken her throne by lethal force, she sets off on a cross country trek to return to Inselgrau.  If Evie wants her country back, she'll have to free her greatest nemesis from an ancient Magical prison and offer him as ransom for the release of Inselgrau.  Relying on old friends, new allies, and her own otherworldly abilities, Evie must use her wits, cunning, and power if she’s going to defeat the greatest enemies she's ever faced and prove herself worthy to wear the Crown of Thunder.